Wednesday, March 6, 2019

People Magazine: Half Their Size Special Edition 2019

As if not only being in People Magazine once, but ON THE COVER (HERE) (HTS 2018) wasn't an absolute dream come true the first time.... I am totally elated to announce that I am in the Special Edition Half Their Size 2019 issue, which covers my fit pregnancy with my beautiful boo boo mans!! He made his People Mag debut and looks absolutely gorgeous!

Look what’s here guys!!!!!!!!!! My newest feature with @people magazine about my fit pregnancy!! The Special Edition Half Their Size is out on stands NOW and will be on stands until the end of May! 😍 But don’t think that it gives you an excuse to wait to go get your copy!! 😜😘😊 • Thank you People Mag for including me once again. 💙 And know that you guys at People, fam and all of you guys here on insta, fb and the blog supporting me every step of the way and encouraging and motivating me to be my best self helps me to continue stepping out of my comfort zone, blossom and fly. I love and appreciate all of you and I don’t think that I can ever say that enough! 🦋 🌺 #peoplemagazine #halftheirsize #fitpregnancy #pcosmom #3monthspostpartum #dreamscometrue #huffnpufftobuffntough
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I freaking cry every time I talk about how grateful I am for everything and the opportunities I receive through this journey, so I'll just leave it to my Instagram post above. 💓💓 I love and appreciate all of my beautiful fit friends that have shown me nothing, but love and support throughout these past couple of years!

I didn't have a whole lot of time to put this post together in between studying for my PT certification (YES! More on that in the next post. You are already caught up if you are following on social media). I'm sure I'll be adding to this post over time when I get my hands on digital copies of the article. 😃

3/11 Update: Got my hands on a digital! Yay! Thank you Tiffany! 💓🙏

The issue will be out on stands until May 31st! So go grab your copy, but don't let that date be an excuse to wait 😜💓

Thanks for reading!

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