Thursday, December 6, 2018

Cree's Birth Story

It's December 4th as I am writing this. Today is my 32nd birthday and I am spending an hour of my night doing something that I want and love.... writing and pouring my thoughts and stories out on the blog.

Today is my birthday! 🎂🎁 🎉 I’m 32! With all that’s going on... it doesn’t really feel like it’s my birthday and feels just like any other day this year. This past month has been blurring together. My head is not as clear and mental health not as strong as I’d like it to be right now as my hormones and anxiety are temporarily kicking my butt and that’s okay. It’s to be expected postpartum—at least for me personally anyways. There are 3 presents that I got for my birthday that make me happy though... 1. I got a killer gift bag full of Victoria’s Secret/Pink (ya girl learned how to coupon at VS/Pink like a boss!!! VS/Pink sisters... I know you’ll understand and get my excitement! 😜🛍 🛍 2. Within 2 weeks after giving birth my body dropped half of the pregnancy weight that was gained with no effort. Definitely a pick me upper and a shock during this sensitive period. 3. I’m spending an hour of my night writing my birth story on the blog. A little sad that baby Cree no longer wanted to be my birthday gift. Instead he wanted to be my Thanksgiving blessing, which is still just as beautiful. 🤱🏽 Given the situation that he and I were in... he knew he needed to get out and fast. 🙏🏽 Thankful to see another year! 🙏🏽 32... we’re gonna kick ass! #postpartumfeelings #thistooshallpass #birthdaygirl #postpartumjourney
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