Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Did you see me in STRONG Fitness Magazine?! Not once, but TWICE!

Hi guys!! You may or may not have seen my posts on social media regarding my latest feature in the Sept/Oct issue of STRONG Fitness Magazine. 😱😜 

I may not be in Chicago at the @ladygaga concert or in London at @wbff_official Worlds competing for a world title this weekend, but I am in the latest issue of @strongfitnessmag hitting newsstands any week now! 😨😍🤘 I'll keep you all updated! #sneakpeek Words can't even begin to express the amount of gratitude, love and appreciation that I have right now. It is such an honor to grace the pages of this amazing magazine with a full 2 page feature in the fall issue alongside all of the other strong and beautiful women and athletes! Thank you so much Strong Fitness. I can't wait to read it! Thank you for giving me this mind-blowing opportunity to continue inspiring and sharing my journey with the world. I am forever grateful 🙏💝👙🏅🏆🎉 @strongfitnessmag @paul_dillett @allisondillett @wbff_official @fitnessatlantic @davidfordfoto
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The feature appeared in their, "Get Inspired!" section. The article discusses bits and pieces of my story and my weight loss/fitness journey. It also mentions a few details on how I lost the weight. I thought the article was really well thought out and written. The headline quote that was used is just........ pure awesomeness! They couldn't have picked a better quote!

"Life is amazing after my weight loss." 

It's no secret that I had more than just physical issues with weight that I needed to desperately work on. I had to change my entire way of thinking. Everything about myself needed a transformation. I was a negative person filled with a lot of self hatred for myself and my own life. Throughout my journey and after a major weight loss.... I am full of gratitude and forever grateful for my second chance at life. I don't dwell on the negative things. I dwell on the positive things in my life. I set aside some time each day and reflect on the things I am most grateful for and in return makes me a happier human being. And yes.... life is amazing overall after my weight loss. But don't get me wrong... some days are STILL a struggle. 

I've been getting tons of amazing feedback on the article!

You guys loved my transformation so much that it was recognized in the, "You Loved These Transformation Posts!" section in the next/following issueNov/Dec issue!

Thank you all for the overwhelming inspiring messages of support and feedback! I appreciate and love you all! And many thanks to the STRONG Fitness team for being so amazing and kind.

If you are not able to get your hands on a hard copy of the magazine before it leaves shelves in a few weeks
you can find the article online {HERE} and/or order a print back issue when made available {HERE}

Thanks for reading!

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