Wednesday, May 3, 2017

U by Kotex® FITNESS*: How to Survive Your Workouts During Your Period

Alright ladies! It's time to get a little personal. One week out of the month all of us strong women deal with the aches and pains of our menstrual cycles and sometimes it can make it hard to do anything let alone working out. I am pretty sure that working out is the last thing on a woman's mind during a period, especially if it happens to be a painful one.

"Do you let your period get in the way of having a good workout?"

Lucky for you, I have created some awesome tips to help you make the most of your workouts during your menstrual cycle, so you don't have to call it quits while 'Aunt Flow' is visiting. And... a giveaway!!

There have been many times when I’ve thought about skipping workouts for days at a time. Something that works for me is doing a few sets of sit ups before and during a workout. It doesn’t make the cramping go away but I’m usually more comfortable as I am able to relieve a bit of the pressure and cramping and able to finish my workout without too much of a struggle.

Listen to your body! I do believe in listening to your body, and sometimes you may want to avoid the workout altogether if you are having severe symptoms. I tend to be a bit on the stubborn side though most of the time… my husband will vouch for that! I’m one of those shake it off, try to get energetic and just tackle the workout and get it over with kind of girls. The many thoughts running through my head...

Feeling sluggish or uncomfortable is not a valid excuse for me. You’ve got to want it. This is just another one of those I don’t feel like it today moments. Suck it up and get through it.

Some days ibuprofen and a stroll on the treadmill will help more than an all out high intensity workout. Don’t get discouraged, find what works for you.
There’s also the little push from the scale that will help keep me on target. Sure it’s mostly water weight, but it's just another reason to push me forward.

Hydrate! Make sure you are hydrating your body even more than usual during your period. I find that it helps me tremendously with those stubborn cramps.

Use the right protection for you! There are many types of protection out there and some that are even made to help you stay active during your period. The new U by Kotex® FITNESS* line of feminine products helps me stay in the game during my period.

  • New U by Kotex® FITNESS* Tampons come with a plastic FITPAK*. This keeps my tampons discreet and easy to carry. I also like to keep some pads with me just in case. Having these items on hand with me wherever I go keeps me covered, especially with unexpected visits from Aunt Flow, which usually happens when my PCOS is acting up and my cycles aren't as predictable, or when a competition prep is messing with my cycle regularities which usually happens towards the end of a prep.

  • NEW U by Kotex® FITNESS* Liners have DualFlex Zones* that move with you to keep protection where you need it.

  • NEW U by Kotex® FITNESS* Ultra Thin Pads are shaped to fit and flex with your body, to stay in place so you don’t have to.

The bottom line is just to remember to listen to your body. Are you feeling like you should rest? Are you extremely fatigued? Well then take a rest day and don’t overdo it. At the same time gauge the symptoms. Maybe today isn’t a high intensity go all out kinda day. Hey even a short walk or light resistance bands is better than absolutely nothing.

U by Kotex® FITNESS* can help you handle your period and still get a great workout in. Don't let your period get in the way of being active anymore. They provide comfortable protection that stays in place so you don’t have to.

We got this ladies!

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Disclosure: This conversation was sponsored and created in partnership with U by Kotex®. I have been compensated and provided with samples. I value authenticity and honesty, all thoughts and opinions are and will always be my own.

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