Friday, January 20, 2017

Week 1 & 2 of Competition Prep

As many of you may already know, I am taking the plunge and competing in my first bodybuilding/fitness competition! I have been talking about it and sharing the news on social media these past couple of months. I haven't really got too much into the organization I chose, the show and the division, but I'll get into that more when I'm ready because I got a cute athlete announcement banner made for me that I would like to post announcing it. I kinda wanna keep it a surprise for just awhile longer! :) I know... sneaky me! I met with my coach a little over two weeks ago for an assessment and from there I made my final decision to hire her as my coach for this process. I am extremely happy and grateful she decided to have me and would coach me.

I am finishing up week 2 of prep and I must say.... it has been an interesting experience and process so far. I have definitely felt a lot of mixed emotions throughout the first two weeks. Everything from feeling guilty and anxious to feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Within the first two weeks, I had to learn how to put my brain in prep mode and I'm sure it's going to be a whole other thing to get it off of prep mode when it is time later in the year after my on season is completed.

I have had to learn to juggle motherhood, being a wife, chores, etc. while prepping. It seriously is a full time task filled with multiple workouts everyday, eating large amounts of food every 2-3 hours and not always feeling the best while doing it. I am already learning tons of things about myself. I already knew I was disciplined when it came healthy eating, dieting and working out for weight loss and maintenance and I feel like this prep is just validating that even more. I've had some cravings already, but didn't give in. They came and went like it was nothing. This process reminds me of the weight loss process so much, but they both differ from one another as well. I was told that this is a psychological sport and there will be times when the athlete will feel alone, depressed, etc. They will get brain fog and they won't be in their right mind during a prep. Whether it's your first prep or your twentieth as a seasoned competitor, it happens. I've felt a little alone within the past two weeks, but what really helps is getting on Instagram and having my followers cheer me on throughout my journey and looking up hashtags to my show and watching other competitors with their posts.

I've been a little frustrated with the scale lately as I have to weigh in with progress photos once a week. The first week of prep I gained 2.6 lbs. My starting weight was 142.8 and I weighed in at 145.4 with my first weigh in. I did get my monthly cycle the following night after my weigh in and I was told it was probably water weight. For today's weigh in for week 2, I weighed in at 144.2. I had a 1.2 weight loss.

As for physical progress.... I see a lot of it! It's crazy! I can see definition in places I never thought I'd see it and places that already had definition has even more. In one week on my prep plan my body managed to burn away the fat pouches on the back of my legs! Like what?!?!?! A very troublesome area for me. Legs are my weak point, but I also have to keep in mind that I have quite a bit of excess skin that needs to be removed - crossing my fingers for next year. Being a runner and able to go the distance... I always thought my legs were somewhat strong, but I just never got the results I was looking for last year. They shrank A LOT during my weight loss, but then came to a halt. I did kind of skimp on leg day a lot last year though and neglected legs a bit when it came to strength training. Probably explains it.


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Onto the next thing I am learning, but already knew about.... Competing ain't cheap! Trip, all the food, suit, shoes and other expenses including supplements.....

Speaking of supplements, I am so glad to have products that I know and trust for my prep. Most, if not all of my supplements come from NOW. I've taken most of these way before my prep, but these are just some of the supps that I am taking throughout my prep......

Super enzymes, L-Glutamine, BCAA's, and CLA Extreme have been a major staple in my prep when it comes to supplements. The super enzymes are extremely easy to swallow which makes taking them as many times as I need to each day not a huge deal. CLA extreme along with branched chain amino acids are amongst some of the most popular supplements when it comes to the NOW Sports line. They can't seem to keep these in stock, which is a bit of a drawback for the consumers like myself that really love these products. Of course you can always check out your local nutrition and health store to see what they have in stock. The BCAA's in pill form are a little hard to swallow when you have to take the amount that I do everyday, so I prefer the powder form over pills. CLA extreme pills are a little on the chunky side, but a pro is that they are softgels, so it's not so horrible swallowing those things.

It's not the first time I have used any of these products and it definitely won't be the last. They have been a huge part of my weight loss and fitness journey for quite sometime, and I have been having amazing results when adding these to my regimen.

Week 1 & 2 cravings: Graham crackers, pizza and peanut butter.

Did I give in? Ya'll know me better than that... hell no I didn't give in! I'm better than that! ;)

Standout songs that got me through: Sail - Awolnation, The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy, Outside - Staind, Blow Me Away - Breaking Benjamin, Me Demons - Starset

Disclosure: I have received NOW product as part of my partnership with NOW. I value authenticity and honesty, all thoughts and opinions are and will always be my own.

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