Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Jergens Natural Glow Review

I've been getting summertime fine and working on my tan for the summer. Been especially preparing for the Fourth of July holiday weekend which has left us. Even though the sun was nowhere to be seen in my neck of the woods this Fourth of July weekend, I was still sporting a killer tan that looked like I got it from sun tanning. Everyone loves a great tan and an added benefit is it can make your muscles pop and give your muscles that noticeable definition! Well, who needs to take all the risks with tanning beds and sun tanning when you get a tan that looks this good from Jergens Natural Glow products. The Natural Glow line BLOWS ME AWAY!

I have tried so many self tanning and sunless tanning products and I have hated them all for many of the same reasons; it doesn't last for more than a day, turns my skin orange, or just flat out doesn't work. Just a few short months ago, I almost decided to go the unsafe route and take the risks to go spend some time in the tanning beds at my local gym, but I never got around to it because I never had the time. I do, however, tan in the sun. I love sun bathing and getting a great tan, but I don't have nearly enough time right now to be able to spend 20-30 minutes tanning daily for a few days to a week to build up a great tan without burning. There are also risks associated with tanning in the sun, but I take those risks because the tanning beds emit roughly 10 times more UVA light than natural sunlight.

After one application of the Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer.

When I stepped out of the house and into the sun's natural light, I did see a few darker spots and it looked a little spotty in some areas, but I asked a lot of people for their opinions and most said that the spots were not very noticeable. I had darker spots where I have scars and the areas that are usually dryer like the knees. 

Tips: You can minimize the spotty appearance by applying a very thin coat of moisturizer to those areas before you apply the Instant Sun Foam. You can also try applying a very thin coat of the foam versus the amount that you would use on other areas of the body. When applying the foam, if you use your hands, it WILL stain your hands, so I recommend using a foam shower glove to apply the foam, or latex gloves which work just as well.

Before and After

I am so excited to show you some before and after photos using these products. I am so glad that I get to share them here and that I don't have to flood everyone's social media with a ton of before and after's. I almost did that because these products are just that damn good!

Keep in mind that the color will vary due to skin color and lighting conditions.

As you can see in the photos below... my color varied with the different types of lightning conditions, but I loved every after result.

I achieved the after look on the right with two applications of the Jergens Instant Sun Sunless Tanning Mousse. One per day.

I feel so sexy with a nice tan and knowing that I got it safely makes me feel even better. Not to mention, it makes me workout harder when I have an amazing tan just to see that definition. Is it also weird to say that I get amazing energy from having a great tan as well? Well, weird or not.... it's true for me. I have always noticed higher energy levels when I have tan skin. When winter rolls around I will definitely be using these products on the regular. I can't say that I will create as dark of a tan during the winter like I would in the summer, but I know that I will have a beautiful tan nonetheless. It will definitely perk up those cold, cloudy, and snowy days for me.

I am so happy that I was introduced to these products! I will forever give these products the praise that they deserve. I can't wait to try the rest of the line. I am really looking forward to trying the Color Primer In-Shower Scrub, + Firming Daily Moisturizer and Tan Extender.


Disclosure: I have received product as part of my partnership with Women's Health Magazine as a WH Action Hero. I value authenticity and honesty, all thoughts and opinions are and will always be my own.


  1. We had no sun either for the most part of the weekend. Ugh. Messed with my mood. This looks reaaallly good. I am always worried about them staining my clothes. Tan looks great on you!

  2. Girl looking good. I am all for a natural glow product that gives you color but not like an orange tint. Definitely getting this.

  3. I tend to hide from the sun but I still get it. I'm a tennis player and have tan lines that are not so attractive because shoes, socks and the sports gear that doesn't quite match up with a bathing suit - if you get my drift. This is a lifesaver for me to even out the lines so I can feel confident with whatever I wear.

  4. I have never used any self tanning lotions before but I like the outcome you had. Next time I need a little color pre-summer I will look into this.

  5. I've heard such horror stories with self-tan products that it scares me from doing it. This looks nothing like the orange tans you see all the time!

  6. Fun selfies!
    I use this exact product. I won't use anything else! I have never turned orange so far!

  7. I love Jergens products. I use the natural Glow so my legs don't look pasty in the Summer and in the Winter to hold onto to that glow. Looking good girl!

  8. You have a nice tan going on now!!! Thanks for your review!