Sunday, April 3, 2016

Bunny Rock 5K 2016 Recap

Last weekend I enjoyed an awesome 3 mile run along Chicago's lakefront at Montrose Harbor at the Bunny Rock 5K. It was a really great race for me. I accomplished a few goals that I have been working on since last year - actually for a couple of years if I wanted to include the year that I first started running, even though I wasn't doing it consistently because of my weight.

Two goals and a PR

In January, I thought about running goals I wanted to accomplish for the next couple of months and I kept saying to myself that I wanted to continue to improve my 5K time and to run an entire 5K without intervals in March - whichever race that happened to be at the time. 

I thought about making goals for this particular race, but then I decided that I did not want to do that. I just wanted to go and have a good time and see where I was at for the year, seeing as how I haven't been running consistently for 3 months up until a few weeks ago before I started my 10 miler training. Not only did I PR and shaved 3 minutes off of my last 5K time, but I RAN THE ENTIRE RACE - WITHOUT INTERVALS! The entire 3.1 miles! I have been working on that goal since I started running in 2013 (not running consistently) and 2015 (running consistently) and I just couldn't do it... until now! It took forever to reach this goal, but I tackled it!!!

I went into this race with no set goals or expectations and only hopes in the back of my mind. Also, I may have found a pre and post race nutrition and fuel plan that works for me. Last year was definitely a year of trial and error for me and I understand that it will forever be trial and error because what may work for you now may not always work in the future and many other reasons. 

Post Race 

After the race hubby and I took Harlie Jade over to the petting zoo they had on grounds for everyone to enjoy after the race. Then, we took her to see the different versions of bunnies roaming around. She wasn't impressed! Haha. 

She was scared of the Nesquik bunny.

Little miss Harlie Jade helping me push the stroller to the car.

Overall, it was a really great race for me - filled with fun, goal smashings and PR's! As frustrated as I have been getting over the past year with running because I could not complete distances without intervals, I knew there was light at the end of the tunnel! I will still have to use intervals to complete my longer distances this year, but I am absolutely okay with that. In fact, I hear that it could preserve energy for longer distances, improve race times and performance overall.

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