Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How I Lost 100+ LBS: Weight Loss FAQ's

I thought I would do an F.A.Q. for you guys since I get asked a lot of questions about my weight loss. I thought about doing a video also to answer all your questions, but I don't like myself on video and I am sloooooooooooowly trying to get used to myself talking on video. These are the lovely questions I get asked most often......

How did you do it? What's your secret? 

Truth is..... there is no secret. I am doing it the good 'ol fashioned way.... Working out and clean eating. These days, it's like people want to hear to you say something different. We all know the basic answers to losing weight for the most part, but people don't want to hear it. If you ask, you're gonna hear it because that's what works and it's what you have to do to lose it. HEALTHY DIET AND HARD WORK! :)

What kind of diet do you follow? 

I follow a 1200 calorie, high protein, low carb, low fat, and low sugar diet. I have to follow a low sugar diet because I have PCOS and when I have too much sugar, too often, my PCOS symptoms come back with a vengeance. I have a clean healthy diet 80-90% of the time and the other 10-20% of the time I eat whatever I want - basically anything high in fat, carbs and most likely sugar. You'll most likely find me at Wendy's or Pizza Hut most often on those days lol.

How many cheat meals do you have? 

I would usually have 3-4 cheat meals (not cheat days) a month, which is 1 a week, but when I started doing 1-2 cheat meals a month and started noticing better results, I stuck with the 1-2 a month. Sometimes life gets in the way and I'll have unplanned cheat meals and sometimes there will be an entire weekend of cheat meals and days, but you always have to remember.... things won't be perfect all the time and life does get in the way, but you have to pick up and move on. When you remember that... things will become a little easier and you won't beat yourself up as much as before. As long as you are consistent with your nutrition, those slip ups will not affect all of your hard work, so don't beat yourself up about it WHEN it happens because it will.  

What does your daily diet consist of? 

Lean meats, veggies, and fruit. Some of the things I eat on a regular basis - Turkey breakfast sausage, turkey bacon, ground turkey, lean ground meat, fajita steak, kale chips, skillet meals, TGIF boneless buffalo bites, Lean Cuisine meals (my favorites are the high protein Comfort Foods - Salisbury Steak/Macaroni and Meatloaf/Mashed Potatoes), Kelloggs 90 Calorie snack brownies and granola bars. 

What are your food portions like? 

I have had numerous requests about posting my meals to social media. I do it here and there, but not nearly enough. My portions are usually 1 serving of whatever it is I am having. Sometimes 1.5 servings, but not often. My stomach can only hold so much and I get full after a serving.  

How many days a week do you workout? 

6 days a week whether I am training for something in particular or not. 

What kind of workouts do you do? 

My workouts consist of hiit cardio, strength training, weight lifting (If I am not injured, I am lifting heavy weights), kickboxing, a lot of running... I try to train each muscle group 2-3 times a week. 

I am always doing workouts from FitnessBlender on youtube! They are a part of every workout routine I do. I have been using them for 2 years.

What was your starting and heaviest weight? 

280 lbs for both (non-pregnancy weight).

Do you take supplements of any kind? 

I do take supplements and they consist of protein powders, pre workouts, aminos, cla, fat burners (taken occasionally - every other 2-3 months or longer). Some supplements I'll take more often than others. Some I will take occasionally and only when needed. Sometimes I'll let a month or more pass without taking anything. Supplements aren't cheap and I always like to keep my body guessing and changing things up. I never want my body to only rely on supplements and I don't allow it. Some of my favorite supplements are from Now Foods. I have been in love with their line of sports nutrition for almost a year now.  

Before losing weight, have you thought about getting the weight loss surgery? 

I have thought about it numerous times. I have even had a family member tell me that I should get it done - not consider it, but that I should do it.. Not really shocking to me seeing as how I was ridiculed for being fat most of my life. Sure, I thought about it at that time, but I wasn't seriously considering it. I didn't seriously consider it until 2012-2013, when I had great insurance in Hawaii that would cover it. I was indeed a good candidate and qualified for the surgery, but I was talked out of it by my husband and ended up tackling the weight loss on my own without surgery. I have also had the subject of judging others who have had the weight loss surgery and whether or not I am against it versus doing it naturally brought up to me and I am asked if I judge others who have had it done.....

I think the reason this subject gets brought up is because people are curious when it comes to the subject and when you take a peek into the weight loss world and community, you tend to see a divide between people who have done it naturally and people who have had the surgery. I am smack dab in the middle because I support EVERYONE! I really don't understand why people feel the need to have to be on one side or the other. I do not judge others who have had it done. I'm not against it at all. While there are others who have done it naturally - judge BIG TIME... I am not one of them. We all need our own motivation and fire to get us going and to keep us going. Some may need that extreme for motivation and to light that fire and others may need it for other reasons. As long as the weight loss is done safely, I don't care how you get there as long as you get there safely and are doing it safely. There are a ton of risks with the surgery that some are willing to take and we shouldn't judge. Whether you lose the weight naturally or had the surgery to help.... We are all on the same journey, but with different experiences and we should be supporting one another - not tearing each other apart because of how they chose to get there. Hell, I think it may be harder for people who have had the surgery due to many factors, so kudos to them!!

Do you have a goal weight in mind? 

Not really. I'm just looking to be in a healthy range for my height, which is between 110-150lbs.

Do you use any apps to help? 

MyFitnessPal! I use this app EVERYDAY!!!! It is such a lifesaver!! I recommend this to anyone and everyone who wants help with losing weight or even just maintaining! You can also use it to track your progress, which is why I recommend this app to everyone. Counting calories and food tracking is not for everyone, but this app is so much more than that. 

I also use Polar Flow to keep track of all of my workout info and improvements.

I hope that sums up everything! You all know that you can come to me with any other questions you have. I hope to do a video soon! ;)


  1. So proud of you!
    That's the way to do it - real life stuff of clean eating & working out.
    I am so addicted to MyFitnessPal ... I'd be lost without it

  2. You look awesome... Great work! So did you do 1200 even at the being of your journey? And did you stop eating after a time of the day as well? I don't know where to start but this this is really going to help me...☺! Thanks a lot