Friday, June 5, 2015

Things I am loving this week

These are things that I am absolutely loving this week. I might start doing a post like this 2-3 times a month. I am not sure yet. Still thinking about it.... It really depends on the amount of free time I have towards the end of each week.

Victoria's Secret Standout Sports Bra

These bras are freaking amazing!!! Before I found these bras, I turned to Enell Sports Bras for my high impact workouts and running. I had to leave Enell bras behind because these VS bras give so much support to the "girls" and I love the fit. I recently started fitting into VS bras again as of early April and I have been so happy with their bras lately that I felt the need to share how much I love these bras. The designs are so cute and the fit is so comfortable. I am creating quite the collection of VS sport bras, haha!

Pearl Izumi EM ROAD N2's

Disclosure: I am a Pearl Izumi athlete/ambassador 

These have been my go-to running shoes for a few months now. I switch out between these and the EM Road N1's. I absolutely love the amount of cushion that the N2's give my feet. Depending on the day and my body, I may want less cushioning for shorter distances, so that's when I'll turn to my N1's. My feet are so happy in these shoes when it comes to longer distances (4+ miles). 

Sparkle Athletic Running Skirts

I have recently become OBSESSED with running skirts! I absolutely adore the skirts from Sparkle Athletic. They are so comfortable and make a super cute addition to any race outfit. The quality is awesome. So far... my sequin skirt has held up well with the Bubble Run race I did, which was very messy. I plan to wear it for my mud run this month as well and I have no doubts about how well the skirt will hold up during a mud run. I recently bought the rainbow one to wear to The Color Run this Sunday because I thought it would be the PERFECT fit for that run with the color and all. They are pricey, but totally worth it.

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