Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Color Run Shine Tour Chicago 2015 Recap

Another rainy race day!! I did The Color Run in Chicago a little over a week ago. Same story.... we had storms/rain in the forecast for the entire week. It's been really rainy around the Chicagoland area lately. Parking was a little difficult for The Color Run because a lot of the roads were blocked off. Other than that I have no complaints in terms of parking. Had it not been for the only one or two ways to get to our parking garage where we reserved parking in advanced, then parking would have been 5 stars. It was definitely a lot better than the Bubble Run parking. 

We ended up doing packet pickup on race day and I totally regretted that decision. I should of just had it mailed to me. I hate race day packet pickup. We ended up waiting for about 15-20 minutes to get through. I'm sure it would have been longer if we had arrived earlier. As we were waiting in line, we were watching the sky as the storms started rolling through.

It started raining hard before we made it through packet pickup. Once we got our stuff, we headed to the starting line and we were greeted with an awesome flash of lightning and a huge lightning bolt in the sky that almost or might have touched an antenna on top of a building. Everybody had a reaction to it. I thought it was pretty funny hearing everybody's reactions! After a few minutes they let us out of the corral to start and off we went.

It was pouring like crazy, but finally got a break from it when we entered tunnels. I thought it was really cool how the water was leaking from above us and it looked like a waterfall. I thought about running through it, but then just decided to go around it. I had lost the hubby and my daughter and noticed that I was nearing the first color station (pink), so I slowed down to look for them. I came across them before I hit the station and we went through together. There was a large crowd and a line for people who wanted to get color thrown on them and I automatically felt turned off at that station because I thought it was suppose to flow naturally and we were suppose to run/walk through the zones. I thought it was dumb how we had to wait to get color thrown on us vs running/walking through while getting the color thrown on us. 

I quickly learned that not all color stations were like that and not all waves were like that either. To have a more natural flow through the color zones, you pretty much had to be a part of the first wave, towards the last wave, or arrive at a color station at just the right time, which we did a few times. I had the MOST fun in the blue and yellow color zones and the least fun in the pink and orange. 

I started to get irritated and it definitely showed. I couldn't have my camera out to take pictures in the color zones because of the rain, I was wet, tired of the crowds and the crowds wouldn't have been so bad had the weather cooperated. A lot of my photos suffered as well. I got the angles all wrong on my selfie stick and what would have been some AWESOME shots, were RUINED because half of my face was cut off or I wasn't even in the picture.

In the end, I made the most of it and had a good time. Could it have been better... ABSOLUTELY! With what we were given (weather, crowds, etc...), we sucked it up, made the best of it and we had a good time. :) I was extremely bummed about my mood, photos, etc... There's always next year though.

The course was awesome! This was the first time that I ran the streets of downtown Chicago! I LOVED it!! They included an awesome medal this year for finishers, which was nice! I hope they do it again for next year. The race could use more photographers on course. I found two photos taken of me on the course, but that was it. The rest were studio/festival photos. I knew where a majority of the photographers in each area were. They were scarce. After we finished the race we were waiting at the finish line to get our medals and color packets. Turns out we didn't get everything that was suppose to be included in our packet. Glitter packets were suppose to be included and after I received my color packets with my medal and no glitter packet I let them know and they said they ran out and gave me extra color packets, which I had to ask for. The volunteers seemed very irritated and highly annoyed, which made me even more annoyed. I was very sad that I didn't get a glitter packet, but somehow we still ended up covered in glitter lol, just not as much as other people, which might have been a good thing because 5 days later... I was STILL picking glitter off of me and my daughter.

The stage where they were doing "color throws" every 15 minutes still had a ton of glitter packets because they were throwing A TON of them out into the crowd. I stayed towards the back where it was open and a lot of space because of my daughter and the stroller. We participated in 2 color throws, which was fun, but again.... my photography suffered because I had the angles all wrong!!! 

The outcome was this.......

Luckily, there were some great pictures also.....

Last color throw of the day.

We made it rain glitter in Chi Town!

Hopefully next year will be a different experience, better weather and everyone in a better mood.   

The Color Run aftermath! 

I am STILL dealing with stained shoes and blue toenails from the dye. HA! Any tips???

Disclosure: I have received a comped entry to this event in exchange for posting about the event and reviews of the individual race experiences.

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