Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weekly Workout Recap: 02/15-02/21

Hope you all are having a great start to the week! Happy Sunday! For the past week I've been doing my same workout routines that I have mentioned in the last Weekly Workout post with Fitness Blender. I'll be doing the same routine for one more week for the month of February and then I will be switching it up.

I have a weigh-in coming up later in the week and I am super stoked! I can definitely feel changes and I sure as hell can see them! After giving it some thought.... I have decided that for the last two weeks of the month I will not be having cheat meals or cheat days. I usually have one cheat meal or cheat day a week (unhealthy foods, fast food, etc...) and it works tremendously for me. I have mentioned this fact years ago during round 1.

However, this time around I thought it would be better to cut out the last two weeks of the month and only have them for the first two weeks every month. Cheat meals/days work wonders for me because it helps me find my balance between healthy foods and not-so-healthy foods and my body could use a good carb shock every now and then. When I am maintaining... as long as I am working out on a regular basis, I usually set aside two days in the week for eating my favorite fatty foods. It's when I stop working out and being active that leads to trouble, e.g. fat and weight gain.

My proud moment of the week was the amount of fat burned during one of my workouts. It was the workout with the least caloric burn for the week, but the ENTIRE workout was fat burn! All of it!!! Except for a minute of it, haha! That was my stretch/yoga day! Gotta love my Polar!! Without my ft7 I wouldn't have knowledge about the amount of fat that I burn during a workout. Since 2013 I couldn't imagine completing my workouts without a heart rate monitor.... A Polar HRM at that!

I will be sure to post links to the workouts I have done for the past 4 weeks in my next Weekly Workout Recap.

My burns for the week.

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