Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Get down with the sickness....

When it comes to my weight loss, life has been throwing me a lot of curve balls lately, but I am not breaking down and taking a few days off like I had planned. As of late I have been feeling all kinds of sick due to my medications. The side effects are pretty bad, but I have not let that get in the way of getting my workouts done. I may half ass some of them during the days I feel like crap, but at least I am still doing something instead of nothing at all. I have not had much of an appetite lately so I have been eating very little, but still eating seeing as how it's pretty important and skipping meals is not an option. With everything I eat making me sick I have been eating like a bird lately. I am really proud of myself that I continue to stay strong with all that is going on and still getting things done! I have been feeling extremely nauseous as well and during workouts it's even worse so when I am feeling that way I slow it down and let it pass before I pick up the pace.

I ask myself this question often!

On another note... I kept telling myself not too long ago that I would NOT own a scale for various reasons. I figured there was no point in owning one because I had frequent visits with my neurologist every month or so and had a routine weighing. Well........ I ended up buying a scale a few days ago. My appointments have slowed down and are less frequent currently and I am on meds which can cause weight changes and in my case I hope weight loss instead of weight gain. So I need to monitor my weight for changes other than weight loss. Sooo.... this is my current weight (pictured below) and I have lost 25 lbs so far. I plan to continue weighing myself once a month. I am not hung up on scale numbers. Its the measurements that count!!! Especially in the beginning! Weighing myself once a month is good enough for me!

25 lbs lighter! YES!!!!
Hubby was out of work all last week with a virus and it was making me lethargic. I am pretty sure my neurological symptoms are acting up and playing a role in it as well. However, it's usually not this bad when he is at work and I am home alone. I had to push myself to workout and push myself through the workouts. All in all.... last week and this week has been tough for me when it comes to having the motivation to workout. Motivation or no motivation... the workouts have to get done and if I can help it and I am still physically able to move around without any MAJOR issues then there is no excuse. Even when I do not want to workout, I still love it and its an addiction I am happy to have.

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