Sunday, April 14, 2013

Recap: Walk MS Honolulu 2013

My husband and I decided to do the WALK MS event this year because this hits very close to home for us. I would rather not get into a lot of details at the moment, but I will say that recently MS has affected our lives and family in more ways than we could have ever imagined and will continue to do so. Our fundraising goal was $100 and we... well... mainly my husband managed to raise $200. At first I had no ideas about how to fundraise other than just asking for donations. Since, I have discovered many fun ways of fundraising and I can promise that I will do a lot better when it comes to fundraising in the future. With only asking for donations, I felt that we didn't do too bad of a job with our fundraising total.The event was nice. Although I did run into a few problems. Finding the entrance to enter the event was annoying as we had to drive around the stadium twice to find the entrance. The event was held early in the morning as they know that heat affects those with MS. My husband and I checked in and went to the locker room for breakfast. Afterwards we ventured outside onto the stadium to a crowd on the other side doing zumba. By then the sun was rising higher into the sky making it very warm and uncomfortable.
We walked our mile (4 times around the track) and little did I know that sweat was showing through my gray capris! Oooopps!! My hubby claimed that nobody had seen the huge spot on my behind. So we stopped by a few sponsor tables and then we left. My hubby was a little sad because we were told medals would be distributed at this year's event, but nobody received medals and when I asked why I was told that the medal company had screwed up the order and sent them keychains instead. Hubby says this medal was going to be special to him so that made me a little sad. I told him there is always next year and we will be fundraising and participating in the Chicago event. Hawaii's event was laid back as I had expected it to be because it's Hawaii. Still fun nonetheless!

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