Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sweat Pink Ambassador

I am so ecstatic to announce that I have been accepted as a Sweat Pink Ambassador! What is a Sweat Pink Ambassador, you ask? A Sweat Pink Ambassador is someone who inspires others on their journey to fit and health. Sweat Pink Ambassadors are an awesome group of ladies who encourage and push others to be all they can be. They are passionate and enthusiastic about helping others on their journey, health, fitness, what they do and who they are. They play hard and train even harder!

I am very excited about this opportunity and extremely grateful to be apart of such an awesome kick ass group of ladies who work hard everyday to not only better themselves, but inspire others in the process. When I think about why I started my journey and the lifestyle in the first place I never thought that I would find myself putting myself out there through a blog and a facebook page for the world to see... especially seeing as how I suffer and deal with a condition called Social Anxiety Disorder and also deal with generalized anxiety and the fact that I don't like any kind of attention put on myself and feel embarrassed when it is. I feel that doing this actually helps just a little bit with my anxiety and it also makes me feel that I can do anything I put my mind to.

I never thought about all of the opportunities that could come knocking on my door when I started this and all the amazing people that I have met and have yet to meet throughout this journey of being a health and fitness nut and most importantly, a runner! I have never been one to hate running, but I have never been one to love running up until recently. Being a runner was another important reason why I started this journey and lifestyle. I love seeing where a beautiful trail/running path will take me, the feeling of putting on running shoes and lacing up, the races, the challenges... I love the feeling of setting goals and accomplishing those goals and having something to show for it is always a plus in my book.

I love inspiring others; I have no problem opening up about some things to others that are willing to listen, but don't get me wrong... I am by no means an open book and there are things that are hard for me to open up and talk about. I have battled with depression on and off pretty much my whole life, always struggling with my weight among many other issues and finding the motivation to continue living my life. I wanted to share my journey, story, joys, struggles, what I have learned and what works for me with others because the very first question people are asked is, "How did you do it?"... also, "Why did you do it?". If I can help even just one person and inspire them to make a change while making a change myself then I feel that I will be successful in what I am doing and one of the many things I am hoping to accomplish on my way to fit. I am an advocate. It's part of who I am. I love speaking out and standing up for causes that are important to me especially if it's something that hits close to home. I work hard, play hard, train even harder, and I sweat pink. I am #SweatPink.

To read more about my story (which will be posted by Fit Approach and featured on May 13th) you can visit

Monday, April 22, 2013

Stars and Sparks Summer Virtual Race - Registration is now open

I am hosting my first ever virtual race and I am very excited about the race and the benefiting charity because it hits very close to home. I hope you all are as excited as I am!! I am happy to announce that registration is now open and we are currently accepting registrations. For more information about the race and medal check out the virtual race tab.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Recap: Walk MS Honolulu 2013

My husband and I decided to do the WALK MS event this year because this hits very close to home for us. I would rather not get into a lot of details at the moment, but I will say that recently MS has affected our lives and family in more ways than we could have ever imagined and will continue to do so. Our fundraising goal was $100 and we... well... mainly my husband managed to raise $200. At first I had no ideas about how to fundraise other than just asking for donations. Since, I have discovered many fun ways of fundraising and I can promise that I will do a lot better when it comes to fundraising in the future. With only asking for donations, I felt that we didn't do too bad of a job with our fundraising total.The event was nice. Although I did run into a few problems. Finding the entrance to enter the event was annoying as we had to drive around the stadium twice to find the entrance. The event was held early in the morning as they know that heat affects those with MS. My husband and I checked in and went to the locker room for breakfast. Afterwards we ventured outside onto the stadium to a crowd on the other side doing zumba. By then the sun was rising higher into the sky making it very warm and uncomfortable.
We walked our mile (4 times around the track) and little did I know that sweat was showing through my gray capris! Oooopps!! My hubby claimed that nobody had seen the huge spot on my behind. So we stopped by a few sponsor tables and then we left. My hubby was a little sad because we were told medals would be distributed at this year's event, but nobody received medals and when I asked why I was told that the medal company had screwed up the order and sent them keychains instead. Hubby says this medal was going to be special to him so that made me a little sad. I told him there is always next year and we will be fundraising and participating in the Chicago event. Hawaii's event was laid back as I had expected it to be because it's Hawaii. Still fun nonetheless!